Fighters of Shingal´s Protection Unit (HPS) on the frontline
Fighters of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) on the frontline

Shingal – Independent Yezidi units have announced their participation in the recently founded Shingal alliance. The unit of Kasim Shivan which has been fighting in Shingal against the terrorist militia “Islamic State” since the first day, has announced to fight as part of the Shingal alliance against the IS. The Shingal alliance is a coalition consisting of the two largest Yezidi combat units which will conduct joint offensives for the liberation of further areas in Shingal from now on.

The military alliance has over 6,000 fighters. Commander Kasim Shivan and his fighters defended the route leading from Solakh to the mountains – where thousands of refugees continue to endure – for more than a year without the help of any parties or governments. Many of the 400-men strong unit of Kasim Shivan died in clashes.

The Yezidi commander Kasime Guloke whose unit has been fighting against the IS since the first day has aslo joined the Shingal alliance along with his 150 fighters. The alliance´s establishment followed after the Peshmerga announced not to include other forces in the offensive for the recapture of Shingal. Yezidi fighters, however, repeatedly threatened to storm Shingal city with or without the consent of the Peshmerga.