The Shingal alliance will be
Shingal alliance: Yezidi forces will fight against the IS under a newly formed umbrella organization

Shingal – The supreme commanders of the Yezidi resistance forces have held a joint press conference after holding first talks. Haydar Shesho, commander of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS), Mazlum Shengal, commander of Shingal´s Resistance Forces (YBS) as well as Berivan Arin, commander of Ezidxan´s Women Units (YJE) have jointly announced the formation of the Shingal alliance, a military umbrella organization that aims for the creation of joint command structures. The alliance´s announced goal is to liberate Shingal from terrorists of the “Islamic State”.

Mazlum Shengal from the YBS called on all forces in Shingal to join the Shingal alliance and cooperate with them. All three commanders called on in particular the Kurdish parties PKK, KDP and PUK to join the alliance. YJE commander Berivan Aslan reminded of the Yezidi women who are still being held as slaves in IS captivity, stating that it was therefore all forces´ duty to jointly take action against the IS.

HPS commander Haydar Shesho stated: “We call on all forces who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Ezidxan (traditional settlement areas of Yezidis) to join the Shingal alliance. When an unity is achieved, we will be able to liberate Shingal from the enemies of humanity – the IS terrorists. Therefore we have taken this step, today is a historic day for us. We – the HPS, YBS and YJE gathered today in Shingal and founded the Shingal alliance. We expect the other forces in Shingal to join the alliance with the result that all come together. Today, we all – each with his badge – joined the Shingal alliance. And so we will liberate Shingal. Because Shingal belongs to all of us. Our Shingal alliance will play its role in the liberation of Shingal. For this purpose, we are expecting all Kurdistan forces, especially the PKK, PUK and KDP to support the alliance and meet their responsibilities.”

Shortly after the statement had been announced, the Yezidi KDP politician Sheikh Shamo commented on the situation in Shingal, calling the PKK “an occupation force”. The PKK had no legitimation to interfere in Shingal´s affairs, said Shamo exacerbating the political tune in the power struggle for Shingal.