22:50 pm – The leadership of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) has released a press release on today´s events. It states that hundreds of HPS fighters started the offensive on Thursday at 7 in the morning alongside the Peshmerga. The HPS unit took part in Kolat, Mihirkan, Solakh and other frontlines in the west of the region.

HPS fighters were involved alongside Peshmerga units in recapturing the highway from Shingal city to Mosul via Tal Afar. They also participated in recapturing the highway to Syria with PKK/YPG forces in the west of the region. During the offensive, the HPS seized several heavy machine guns, military equipment and ammunition of the terrorist militia Islamic State.

22:10 pm – Coalition warplanes have bombed an IS assembly in the south of Shingal region. The airstrikes targeted a building in Kanoun area near the IS stronghold Baaj where dozens of IS terrorists had gathered.

HPS fighters on the frontline on October 12
HPS fighters on the frontline on October 12

22:00 pm – Peshmerga units and Yezidi fighters have liberated further areas in the east of Shingal city. An EP correspondent reports that Alshshababit, Thalatat and Bahisa village in Solakh region have been recaptured near the cement factory in the east of the city.

20:50 pm – A correspondent reports that over 40 IS bodies have been discovered in the liberated areas near Hardan in the east of the region. Many more terrorists have been killed in coalition airstrikes and clashes in the east of the city.

18:30 pm – Coalition warplanes of the US-led anti-IS coalition have destroyed two armoured IS vehicles in Shingal a few minutes ago. Warplanes localized the terrorists near the former military base in the southwest of the city and bombed them. The region is being brought under control by ground forces of the Peshmerga, PKK/YPG and Yezidi units.

16:45 pm – Kurdish and Yezidi units have cut off all major IS supply routes in Shingal. The highway leading from Shingal city to Syria in the east is under the control of fighters of the PKK/YPG as well as the Shingal alliance (YBS, YJE, HPS) while Peshmerga units and HPS fighters have blocked the highway to Mosul via Tal Afar. Moreover, Peshmerga and Yezidi fighters have managed to capture the communication road between Shingal city and the IS stronghold Baaj in the south of the region.

16:00 pm – Clashes near the cement factory in the east of Shingal are continuing. One of the IS command centers is located there. The highway from Tal Afar to Shingal city has been already cut off by Peshmerga units and Yezidi fighters, so that no further IS terrorists are able to reach the frontlines.

15:00 pm – Peshmerga and Yezidi combat units have captured further areas near Solakh in the east of Shingal. An armed IS vehicle has been seized near the cement factory where clashes are continuing.

14:35 pm – Special units of the Yezidi resistance fighters have begun to storm the former military base in Shingal. The units are fighting from street to street, an EP correspondent has told. The military base, also called Shingal camp, is located a few kilometres southwest of Shingal city. Furthermore, units of the Peshmerga and Yezidis have captured the highway from Shingal city to Baaj in the south of the region.

14:00 pm – More clashes erupt between resistance units and IS terrorists in Zumani, a few kilometres west of Shingal city. Much of the town is already under the control of the Peshmerga, PKK, YPG and Yezidi Shingal alliance. Thick clouds of smoke caused by airstrikes and mortar shells directed at IS positions can been seen over the area.

Further airstrikes have been conducted near the former military base in the west of the city where several dozens of IS terrorists have entrenched themselves.

13:05 pm – Both main supply routes of IS in Shingal have been cut off by resistance units. PKK, YPG and the Shingal alliance have taken the highway to Syria in the east of the region while Peshmerga in the west now control the highway to Mosul and Tal Afar. Meanwhile, fierce clashes are continuing. Peshmerga are moving closer to the city to attack the terrorists from three sides. Coalition warplanes have bombed again terrorist positions.

12:30 am –Resistance forces have taken the villages Wardiya, Gabara, Rumani, Qizlkent, Zarafiq and Jiddale west of Shingal city. Peshmerga units have joined up with PKK, YPG and fighters of the Yezidi Shingali alliance in Jiddale. Panic breaks out among the Arab villages which joined the terrorist militia IS in Shingal. Many Sunni tribespeople are trying to flee the region but are prevented from doing so by IS.

11:55 am – An IS suicide bomber was detected and killed in time by resistance forces in Wardiya before he was able to blow himself up in the midst of the fighters.

11:40 am – Fierce clashes frequently erupt near the cement factory. Several IS terrorists have been killed by Peshmerga units and Yezidi fighters. Many Peshmerga have been wounded, some seriously.

11:30 am – Special forces of the Peshmerga backed by coalition warplanes and combat helicopters are moving closer to Shingal city where fierce clashes have been going on since the early morning hours between the PKK, Yezidi Shingal alliance and IS terrorists.

11:27 am – The IS´s resistance crumbles on several fronts. According to information from the city of Mosul, the IS leadership is taking a withdrawal from the region into consideration. An increasing number of tribespeople and families who joined the IS and supported the terrorists´ genocide against the Yezidis are fleeing from the southern regions, being often stopped by the IS.

Fighters of the Shingal alliance on the frontline in Shingal

10:50 am – The supreme commander of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS), Haydar Shesho, has announced that Gabara and the southern highway to Shingal city are under the full control of resistance forces again. Dozens of IS terrorists were killed during fierce clashes, the highway was taken as the result of the skirmish. The Shingal alliance continues its offensive with the Kurdish forces and heads to Shingal city. Furthermore, the villages located south of the highway where IS fighters have entrenched themselves are also now under attack. 

10:25 am – Units of the Peshmerga and Yezidi fighters have taken the second largest cement factory of Iraq in Shingal region. A correspondent confirmed the capture of the factory situated a few kilometres near Shingal city, directly next to the highway leading to Shingal city.

09:35 am – Fighters of the PKK and Yezidi Shingal alliance have killed two IS snipers during urban clashes inside Shingal city

09:15 am – Fierce clashes between resistance forces and IS terrorists in Shingal city: with heavy machine guns and mortar fire, resistance forces and IS terrorists fight from street to street. Loyal Sunni tribes support the IS. In addition, the IS repeatedly sends suicide bombers into the side streets of the city.

09:10 am – Units of the Peshmerga have recaptured two villages in Hardan area, east of the Shingal mountains, an EP correspondent has confirmed. The two villages are Tel Shor and Fadiliyah (Haji).

09:00 am – Our correspondent reported that resistance forces have seized control of the main road 47 south of Gabara. From Gabara via Bab Shlo, the road leads to the Arab village Emdiban. In Bab Shlo resistance forces also seized control of the comunication road.

08:50 am – The command center of the Shingal alliance consisting of Shingal´s Resistance Units (YBS) and Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) has announced that its fighters have started a major offensive to retake Shingal city. The Shingal alliance is being backed fighters of the PKK and YPG. Peshmerga are meanwhile moving closer to the city.

07:55 am – Clashes in Hardan, Bab Shlo, Qandil, Qizilkent, Solakh and Shingal city. Several airstrikes of the anti-IS coalition were conducted a few minutres ago against the IS held villages Ainiaah and Kolat.

07:45 am – In the east of Shingal region, the resistance units have recaptured the highway from Bab Shlo to Shingal city via Qizilkent region. An EP correspondent confirms the success. Escpecially fighters of the PKK, YPG and Yezidi Shingal alliance operate in the east. They are being supported by Peshmerga units which particularly focus on the east where several streategically important areas need to be recaptured.

07:40 am – The terrorist militia IS is now increasingly banking on suicide bombers in Shingal city to cumber the advance of resistance units. Several suicide bombers have been already detected and stopped in time. In the south of Shingal city, further coalition airstrikes were carried out against IS positions.

07:35 am – Units of the PKK, YPG and Yezidi Shingal alliance (YBS, YJE, HPS) have attacked several IS positions inside Shingal city. Yesterday, additional PKK/YPG fighters headed to Shingal city where they hey had been awaited by PKK and YBS fighters who have been already fighting there for months. Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) under command of Heydar Shesho participates in the offensive with around 3,000 fighters.

07:30 am – Coalition warplanes have conducted a number of airstrikes against IS positions. The offensive that has been going on since the early morning hours started, among others, from Hardan where several airstrikes were conducted in support of the offensive.

07:20 am – Several blockades of the terrorist militia IS have been already destroyed by the Peshmerga in the Hardan axis according to EP correspondents. First Peshmerga units head south to the highway. Warplanes of the US-led anti-IS coalition are flying over Mount Shingal and the disputed areas.

07:10 am – Fierce clashes between Peshmerga and IS terrorists in the east of Mount Shingal. In Hardan area where a war of position has been taken place for months, the Peshmerga have attacked IS positions with a massive array of mortars and rocket launchers. The goal is to reach the highway 47 leading directly to Shingal city.

07:00 am – Around 11,000 fighters of the Peshmerga, PKK/YPG and the Yezidi Shingal alliance (YBS, YJE, HPS) have started a massive offensive to retake Shingal city. The offensive starts from three frontlines aimed at Shingal city.