Herish, Elind and Helin: This three Yezidis suffocated with 68 other refugees in a truck heading to Germany

Among the 71 refugees who were found dead in a truck abandoned in Austria are apparently three Yezidis. Actvists close to the refugees´ families have announced that the three have been identified, among them the two men Elind and Helesh as well as the girl Helin. DDÖster

All three had fled from Iraq, trying to get to Germany through the Balkan route. Smugglers put the 71 refugees in a refrigerated truck which, according to latest investigation results of the Austrian police, had been hermetically closed. The refugees, including 59 men, eight women and four children suffocated in less than two hours. Following this, the smuggler ring abandoned the truck coming from Hungary on the side of a highway in Austria. Five suspected smugglers have been already arrested in connection with this incident.

Hundreds of Yezidis flee from Iraq on a monthly basis, particularly Yezidis from Shingal where the terrorists organization “Islamic State” committed genocide against the Yezidi minority in August last year.