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ISIS terror militia in a propganda video
IS terrorists in a propaganda video

Baaj – The terrorist militia “Islamic State” executed 21 of its members on Sunday night in northern Iraq according to confirmed reports. In Baaj, a few kilometres south of Shingal, 21 IS fighters were punished for their failure in Shingal. Baaj is an IS stronghold near the Syrian border.

Because they had withdrawn from areas in Shilo and Sikeniye located in the southwest of Mount Shingal, the terrorist organization executed 21 of its members in the courtyard of the local school in Baaj before the very eyes of a large numer of tribal members. The majority of those who were executed were from Tal Afar. According to information available to ezidiPress, the executions were carried out by order of the IS commander Omar Abdeen Mohammed.

In recent days, the terrorist militia lost its most important main highway connecting Mosul to Syria to resistance units of the Yezidi YBS and PKK units. Several locations have been already liberated by YBS and PKK fighters from ISIS.

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