The Kurdish news agency Firat has published pictures of the massacre committed by ISIS terrorists in Jedale.

On August 24 clashes erupted between Kurdish forces, consisting of PKK and YBS (Shingal´s Resistance Unit) units, and ISIS terrorists near the Ezidi village of Jedale. With a large-scale offensive the terrorists managed to take over the village, Kurdish forces found themselves constrained to retreat as they were inferior to the terrorists´ sophisticated weaponry.
Ezidi civilians located in the village continued to put up resistance – including descendants of the former Ezidi leader Hamoye Shero who hosted 20,000 Christians during the Armenian genocide in 1915 and defended them from Ottoman soldiers.

Following the terrorists´ take-over around 15 remaining civilians aged over 60 were taken into the Sheik Mend tomb which was soon later blown up with people inside it.