Shingal – The Yezidi activist group managed to free an Yezidi mother and her two children last Friday. After being in captivity of the “Islamic State” for 412 days, mother and children could be brought to safety via the Iraqi border.

Free after 412 days: Two Yezidi who were freed from the IS terrorists militia´s capitivity last Friday (S.D)
Free after 412 days: Two Yezidi children who were freed from the terrorist militia´s capitivity last Friday (S.D)

The rescue operation had been planned weeks in advance and was implemented by the help of smugglers. Terrorists of the IS abducted mother and children last year from the Shingal region located in northern Iraq, taking them subsequently to Syria. The activists announced that both the children´s and the mother´s state was well given the circumstances, adding that they would be reunited with their familiy after undergoing medical treatment.

Further details of the liberation or individual-related data have not been announced for security reasons. The terrorist group IS abducted up to 7,000 women, children and girls as part of the “revival of Islamic slavery”. While women and girls are being abused, raped and sold at slave markets as sex slaves, boys and youths are being turned into jihadists in military camps, as reported by the UN Human Rights Commission.