Shingal, Iraq –  Leaflets found by villagers were distributed in the municipality of Dhola in northern Iraq, threatening the Ezidi population with death if Ezidis do not leave that area. According to information available to ezidiPress correspondetns the death threaths were issued by Islamists.

The municipality of Dhola is located in the region of Shingal, about ten kilometres south of the Syrian border. The nearest major Ezidi community is located in Khana Sor west of Dhola.

Islamists from Syria often use that area as a safe haven. However, the local police has  remained idle so far although it has been already informed about the death threats. The polica has neither reinforced its presence nor does it seem to show the willingness to confront the Islamists.

The entire region fears that Islamists, espcially the terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), advance to northern Iraqi territory and start to terrorize the non-Muslim population.

ezidiPress, 17.02.2014