Islamists of ISIS and Al-Nusra
Islamists of ISIS and Al-Nusra

Sinjar, Iraq – Three Ezidis were murdered after they received death threats several days before. The murders took place in the municipality of Dhola, located in northern Iraq and six kilometres away from the Syrian border.

Last week radical Islamists distributed leaflets there, calling the Ezidi minortiy to leave their region, otherwise they would suffer death.

Many other villages inhabited by Ezidis and located near the Syrian border are increasingly witnessing death threats by Syrian Islamists trying to use that area as a safe haven.

Meanwhile, family members hit the road to receive the dead bodies of their relatives. According to our editor in northern Iraq the three farmers´ murder happened while they were working in the field. Most of the local Ezidis make a living as farmers. To their detriment they are totally unprotected and at the mercy of Islamists.

ezidiPress, 18.02.2014