After being dispelled from their homeland and seeking refuge abroad due to the threat of militant Islam, refugees of Christian and Ezidi origin from Syria are now confronted again with death threats of Islamists affiliated to the terrorist group ISIS.

Under reference to Cansu Ozdemir, the spokeswoman of the Left Party in Hamburg, the German news agency Junge Welt reported on attempted assaults on Ezidis in a refugee hostel in Hamburg, Germany. According to that, Ezidi refugees revealed that an Egyptian refugee called after a dispute around 15 Salafists from outside the hostel to attack the Ezidis. “They threatened to behead us Kurds and became violent”, said a refugee located there.

As Islamists tried to penetrate into the accommodation at the end of last week, the hostel has been placed under police protection since then. Ezidis, both children and adults, are unable and scared to leave the hostel.

But not only Ezidis are being threatened by the radical Islamists. An Aramaic refugee reported that his roommate from Chechnya tried to force him to unhang his cross which was hanging over his bed. This is not an isolated case as 100 Islamists from Chechnya had gathered before in another refugee hostel to attack 30 Christians from Syria. This time, the incident took place in Berlin, the Tagesspiegel reported.

There have been also claims saying that the security guards who were commissioned to protect the refugees were also involved in beatings of Christians. In an answer to an inquiry introduced by Christoph de Vries, the social policy spokesman of the CDU parliamentary group, Hamburg´s Senat confirmed in August that employees of Muslim background working for the responsible private security firm were suspected to have threatened and beaten Christian refugees. Although the Senat admittedly claimed that another security firm had been employed, Ezidi refugees are informing the Left Party on new abuses conducted by security guards.

The German town of Hamburg has become a major recruitment area for Jihadis in Germany. Dozens of the 400 German fighters who joined ISIS and are currently committing war crimes both in Syria and Iraq come from Hamburg. The threat posed by German Salafists as well as ISIS activities in Syria and Iraq prompted the German government in recent weeks to make the recruitment of fighters and propaganda activities a punishable offense.

A few months ago, a group of Islamists believed to be from Chechnya attacked an Ezidi restaurant owner who was promoting a rally against ISIS in the German town of Herford.