Fighters of Shingal´s Protection Force HPS attacked yesterday a position of the terrorist militia ISIS in the south of Shingal region. The terrorists had entrenched themselves in Iraq´s second biggest cement factory in the northeast of Shingal city where they had opened fire on resistance units.

HPS commander Mirad Ato
HPS commander Mirad Hato

Ezidi fighters under the leadership of HPS commander Mirad Hato eventually returned fire and advanced to the cement factory where three terrorists were reportedly killed during the clashes and many more were wounded. The HPS suffered no casualties by its own account.

Among the killed terrorists is the Ezidis´ former neighbor Al-Fatihs Ahmed Rashid Saleh from the Matwetee tribe who joined ISIS as the terrorist militia invaded Shingal region on August 3.

Meanhwhile, the battle for Shingal city is ongoing . Clashes have been intensifying in recent days. Around 60 % of the region are still under the terrorist militia´s control.