An Ezidi resistance fighter on the Shingal mountains
An Ezidi resistance fighter in Shingal

Shlo, Shingal – Fierce clashes between resistance units and ISIS terrorists have been continuing in this week. Last monday, the terrorist miltia renewed its efforts to recapture the 47th communication road which leads from the Syrian-Iraqi border in the west to Shingal city and Mosul.

In Shlo, also called Bab Shlo where an important junction connects the north and south of the region, clashes erupted between ISIS terrorists and resistance units. ISIS squads attacked a position of HPS (Shingal´s Protection Force) fighters who thereupon returned fire, killing the ISIS commander Abu Isra, the HPS announced in a statement. The attack was finally repelled.

A few weeks ago, PKK and Peshmerga as well as Ezidi resistance units managed to take the 47th communication road and thus cut off ISIS´s supply line to Tal Afar, Shingal city and Mosul.
The battle for Shingal city is still undecided.