A bomb attack conducted by ISIS terrorists on fighters of the Kurdish YPG and members of the Federation of Ezidi Associations in Germany claimed a YPG fighter´s life on Wednesday, wounding another individual who remains in critical condition, as an ezidiPress correspondent located on the ground reported.

Seven members of an EAG delegation assessed in recent days the refugees´ situation in Sinjar, northern Iraq. On their return to Rojava – the autonomous Kurdish enclaves in Syria – they were accompanied by a vanguard of two YPG fighters who drove up due potential attacks.
The safety distance between the vanguard and the delegation reached from 1.5 to 2 kilometres. The YPG fighters were also on the road in a car to secure the delegation´s travel route.

However, hours earlier, ISIS terrorists placed bombs to be set off remotely on the roadsidee of the route, near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

From distance, the terrorists then detonated the explosive, hitting hard the YPG fghters´ car. One of the two fighters died on the spot, the second one was seriously injured and remains in critical condition.

The delegation members were unhurt, some are still in shock. By this sneaky strategy, the terrorists often try to inflict damage on the Kurdish forces. Bomb and suicide attacks are frequently carried out particularly in the border town of Rabia.