The insane and destructive nature of the terrorist organization ISIS continues unabatedly in the settlement area of Ezidis in Sinjar. On August 30 ISIS terrorists set fire to the Ezidi village of Khiran north of the Sinjar region. It is feared that Khiran was still occupied by civilians who fell victim to a mass murder committed by ISIS terrorists.

Both the incident and procedure are remniscient of the recent massacre occured in Jedale. Ezidi men remained in the village to put up resistance, being massacred by ISIS terrorists.
In general, the terrorists capture the conquered villages and take up position there. In this way ISIS manages to conquer and expand its caliphate it has proclaimed in Syria and Iraq by breaking down borders and shifting the front lines forward.

A major part of Sinjar is still under ISIS control. Kurdish forces continue to stop the terrorists´ advance and reconquer the region. Several Shia and Ezidi pilgrimage sites in Sinjar have been already destroyed by ISIS. Even Muslims are considered as apostates.