Shingal – Due to security reasons, the village of Jiri has been evacuated by Ezidi fighters after elements of Shingal´s Protection Force HPS repelled an Islamic State ambush on January 25 in Jiri which is inhabited by Arabs loyal to IS terrorists. The Ezidi general Qasim Sesho ordered the release of women and children, tribe leaders responsible for the abduction and killing of Ezidis have been arrested and handed over to Kurdish authorities.

Arab women and children from Jiri
Arab women and children from Jiri (Video)

“We are Ezidis. We do not act like the Islamic State. You are our brothers and sisters although you Arabs have abducted thousands of our women and children. We will not harm you, our religion does not tolerate such things”, the Ezidi general Sesho told the wrought-up crowd. Affected by this news, the women thanked Shesho.

The Arab tribe Al-Jihish from Jiri supported the IS terrorist militia in Shingal. Their tribe leader Omar Hussein Ibrahim was responsible for the enslavement of hundreds of Ezidi women and operated as a commander for the IS in the area of Sinune and Gohbel. Hussein Ibrahim was killed in the Peshmerga offensive in mid-December. The women and children were committed to the care of the Peshmerga.