ISIS terrorists in a propagand video
ISIS terrorists posing for a propaganda video

In the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar and ISIS stronghold west of Mosul, several hundred Ezidis are being held captive since August last year. After dozens of women, children and in some cases men managed to escape from Tal Afar following an intensification of armed clashes with Peshmerga and HPS forces in recent days, the terrorist organization now seems to prepare a massacre of its male prisoners.

Dr. Mirza Dinnayi, Ezidi politician and former adviser to the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, reported with reference to an eyewitness that ISIS had separated circa 500 boys and men from the rest of the prisoners in response to the latest increase of successful escapes from the terrorist organization. A source verified this news in a phone call with ezidiPress. The men were apparently brought to Jino town in Tal Afar where they are supposed to be massacred.

Another activist has reported that the terrorists were separating boys at the age of 14 and over from girls and women. Some prisoners´ families confirmed the claims. However, making contact with them is no longer possible since yesterday.

The several hundred women and girls were supposedly deported to ISIS-held territory in Syria or Mosul in order to prevent further potential escapes. The day before, the prisoners had been brought to a school in Tal Afar. Several hundreds of other kidnapped Ezidi women had been held captive there before, kidnapped Ezidi women who managed to flee from ISIS have claimed.

A number of ISIS terrorists is said to to have entered Tal Afar from Mosul, apparently to enforce the deportations and massacre. Ezidi leaders therefore call upon the international community to take action and prevent a slaughter as in the village of Kojo, where ISIS kidnapped over 1,000 women and children and carried out a massacre, killing over 500 local Ezidi men.

The terrorists had surrounded the village and issued an ultimatum for days, asking the local Ezidis to convert to Islam or to face death. Survivors claim that no action was taken despite the presence of armed helicopters flying over their heads – probably to avoid collateral damage. Soon after, 500 men were dead. A similar occurrence is now feared to be about to happen in Tal Afar.

The terrorist organization ISIS overran the Ezidis´ settlement area in northern Iraq on August 3, 2014 and committed genocidal atrocities against the civilian population. According to first UN figures, over 5,000 Ezidis were killed, up to 7,000 women and children were kidnapped and forced into slavery. Around 420, 000 Ezidis had to flee their home.

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