March for Yezidi women in Brussels | by Sasha Artist
March for Yezidi women in Brussels | all photos by Sasha Artist

Yesterday, on September 8 2014, ezidiPress was present at the March for Yezidi women in Brussels. Around 200 Yezidi girls and women gathered in front of the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. We saw heart breaking slogans and many people crying. Different speeches were held, in different languages. All with one goal, to raise awareness for the suffering of the Yezidi women and girls, who – until now – are held captive in the hands of ISIS, and to demand immediate action. Some girls at the march said that Yezidi people would not understand why no one was helping them. These girls and women are now suffering for 35 days and no human should suffer like this. They have to convert to Islam and are being sold as sex slaves. The terror of ISIS continues, because no government acts.

A pleasant event to see at the march was that girls wearing a niqaab were present at the rally, sitting on the ground and holding symbolical prices from 100 to 500 dollars in their hands. This was the imagery to show the world what is really happening to the Yezidi girls and women that are enslaved in the north of Iraq. This was one of the “shocking marches” of Yezin Suleiman (23), a young man who lives in Germany and has many family members who suffer from the crimes of ISIS.

There were rumours that Vian Dakhil would also join the march, unfortunately she could not make it. She still is in pain but nonetheless she called to support the women who got together to demonstrate, telling she was sorry that she could not come, and that she was proud to hear about the march. That everyone should raise awareness, so that these girls can be saved.

Aliya Bayezid, a lawyer and family member of the Yezidis´ temporal leader was also present at the demonstration.

It was a good march and immediate reaction came from the European Parliament, saying that it heard the plea for help and would talk about the situation on the same day.

ezidiPress, September 9, 2014