Lalish – The HPS Supreme Commander Haydar Shesho has been released under an order issued by a court in Duhok after nine days in custody. Shesho was arrested on the 5th of April 2015 by  security forces of the Kurdish government. The court reaffirmed that his arrest was carried out on the grounds that he had formed a so called illegitimate militia.

Shesho spoke on his arrest on KurdSat after KDP media had not fully broadcasted his statement.`The HPS will, come what may, remain. We sacrificed dozens of fighters for this unit […] Claims according to which our unit did not exist anymore are simply wrong. […] We will continue our struggle and will embrace both the help of the Peshmerga ministry and all other Kurdish authorities. The fighters are free to subordinate to the Peshmerga ministry or stay independent. Either way, they will continue their struggle under the name of the HPS´, said Shesho.

Previously, the Kurdish government had made demands for a release which Shesho, however, will not meet for the most part. Such as the demand to leave the country: `As long as Shingal is not liberated and other parts of Kurdistan remain under ISIS control, I will stay here. I will stay as an Ezidi fighter, as a fighter of Shingal´s Protection Force. The HPS will continue to defend its home and sanctuary. Should I travel to Germany, then for the only reason to fulfill certain duties´.

He continued: `From the beginning we wished for the recognition and support of the HPS by the Kurdish government. And we once again say that we expect all other fighters who will not subordinate to the Peshmerga ministry to be supported too´.

Shesho also stated that the prior agreement between the HPS and the Iraqi government would be ceased.