Commando anti tank team live firing in the desert of Oman.
Commando anti tank team live firing in the desert of Oman.

Shingal – For the first time and upon multiple requests of the Êzîdî fighters in Shingal, Pêşmergas have delivered heavy armory to the Defense Forces of Shingal (HPŞ).  According to information available to êzîdîPress, this armory also contains three MILAN type anti-tank systems on which Êzîdî fighters are currently being trained by Pêşmerga soldiers.

The German arms exports that were delivered to the Pêşmerga units in South Kurdistan contain among other things thirty anti-tank systems of type MILAN with 500 missiles. In the last days, three MILAN type anti-tank missiles as well as Pêşmergas familiar with the defense system were flown to Shingal. Yet, it is not clear whether these MILAN defense systems come from German arms exports or other sources.

The HPŞ general, Qasim Shesho, as well as chief commander Heydar Shesho announced a major offensive against the Islamic State (IS) in Shingal. In the past two weeks, the IS surrounded the Êzîdî defense forces and blocked the supply route. Fresh supplies and back-up could only be transported by air.

The Êzîdîs hope that these new weapons will help towards a faster liberation of Shingal which is still mostly occupied by IS terrorists. Up to now, the Êzîdî fighters were missing armor piercing weapons in order to effectively fight the tanks of the IS.  In addition, the Pêşmergas plan an advance from North of the Shingal region. The beginning of the offensive is not known.