The high-level ISIS leader Ammer al-Hassani has been killed in clashes with fighters of the Ezidi defense unit in Sinjar. At least nine other extremists have been killed in the course of the fighting, leaving behind a large amount of military equipment and weapons. This was communicated to ezidiPress by an Ezidi fighter located on the ground. Qasim Shesho, the unit´s commander also confirmed the terrorist leader´s death.

Ezidi fighters in front of a Humvee seized from ISIS terrorists
Ezidi fighters in front of a Humvee seized from ISIS terrorists

As the terrrorists´ resistance was broken with the killing of their leader al-Hassani, they tried to flee to the Ezidi village of Gohbel. However, they were prevented from escaping by the forces they had clashed with before.
Al-Hassani was considered as one of the leading ISIS terrorists in Iraq. Several ISIS leaders have been killed since the advancement of Kurdish ground forces and Iraqi militias under the cover of U.S. air strikes.

Yesterday, the village Gohbel as well as other Ezidi localities occupied by the terrorists were liberated and brought under control as part of a rescue operation. The Ezidi military force consists of more than 5000 fighters by now. Other units of Kurdish forces are significantly involved in various activities to support the Ezidis in the Sinjar region.

The majority of Sinjar is still under ISIS control. The united Kurdish forces already announced to expand their offensives after ISIS faced massive setbacks caused by U.S. air strikes. Fierce fightings are to be expected in the coming days.