Again, ISIS terrorists have launched attacks on the embattled pilgrimage site of Sharfadeen north of Sinjar region. The attacks, which occured this morning, were repelled by resistance fighters of Sinjar´s Protection Force HPS.

According to that unit, two armoured Humvee vehicles were destroyed during the battle, their occupants were killed. The exact number of killed terrorist elements is unclear, there were no casualties among the resistance fighters.

Resistance fighters in Sinjar
Resistance fighters in Sinjar

Unlike the attacks before, this time the terrorists are said to have managed to get to the pilgrimage site´s immediate vicinity. Just a few meters separated the resistance fighters and ISIS terrorists. The Ezidi fighters immediately began to use rocket launchers against the terrorist militia´s armoured vehicles. Finally, they managed to halt the terrorists´ attempt to advance to the Ezidi sanctuary.

In addition, ISIS positions were attacked and destroyed by air forces in Borik north of the pilgrimage site, a correspondent has reported. The terrorist militia mobilizes its fighters there to conduct further attacks on Sharfadeen. More clashes erupted south of Sinjar Mountains where resistance fighters killed about a dozen of ISIS terrorists.