In response to the increased air strikes of the United States and its allies both in Iraq and Syria, ISIS terrorists have begun to retaliate by blowing up houses of Ezidis in Sinjar.

Ezidi village Gohbel in Sinjar |Robert Leutheuser
Ezidi village Gohbel in Sinjar |Robert Leutheuser

Eyewitnesses and locals from Sinjar told the Iraq Press Agency that the terrorists blew up around 90 houses and buildings belonging to Ezidis, claiming that the attacks concerned houses south of Mount Sinjar, in the village Solakh as well as in the southwestern area of the same-named town Sinjar. The houses had been looted before.

Haydar Shesho, the commander of the armed Ezidi defense force, confirmed in a statement the destruction of Ezidi buildings and houses, stating that houses had been blown up in the south of Sinjar.
Following first air strikes targeting terrorists in Syria, the extremists called upon their supporters to take action and retaliate.