Shingal. An urban combat is being fought with the terrorist militia “Islamic State” in Shingal since April 3. Airstrikes of the anti-ISIS coalition aimed at supporting the ground forces illustrate it: From the beginning of April 3, 2015 26 airstrikes have been conducted, whereby

– 43 combat positions
– 42 buildings
– 14 combat units and only
– 2 vehicles have been destroyed.

Many more airstrikes were conducted in August and September 2014 to carve out an escape corridor with the help of ground forces of the YPG and PKK for Ezidis that were trapped in the mountains. Those airstrikes are not included in this statistic.

U.S. President Obama ordered airstrikes against the IS on August 7, 2014 after the terrorist militia had overrun Shingal region and surrounded the people in the mountains.

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