YBS and PKK fighters burning an ISIS flag after a successful operation against the IS in east Shingal


Shingal – Fighters of the PKK and Yezidi YBS have liberated further villages in northern Iraq. Combat units retook Emdiban (Arab. Al Jurais) village from the terrorist militia Islamic State. The village that is located a few kilometres away from the Syrian-Iraqi border is considered as strategically important.

Other small villages such as Midian were also liberated. Several IS terrorists were killed in the following clashes, others were wounded. A PKK commander codenamed Newroz Hatim who was in charge of leading the offensive lost his life during the clashes, an EP correspondent has told.

In the south of the liberated city of Shingal, Peshmerga and Yezidi fighters of the HPS (Shingal´s Protection Force) have pushed forward. Their goal is to reach Kocho and Siba that form the border of Yezidi areas.