An Ezidi delegation has been welcomed today in the Vatican by Pope Francis as part of an invitation from the Vatican. The highest Ezidi dignitaries, including the religious leader Baba Sheikh Keto and temporal leader Mir Tahsin Beg as well intellectuals from Georgia, Iraq (Kurdistan) and Germany met Pope Francis on January 8 to discuss the Ezidis´ and other minorities´ situation in Iraq.

Baba Sheikh Keto and Pope Francis (L´Osservatore Romano)
Baba Sheikh Keto and Pope Francis (L´Osservatore Romano)

Thus, for the first time in history an Ezidi delegation is being welcomed by a Pope.  The delegation which saluted Pope Franchis as `the Pope of the poor´, gave thanks for the Pope´s support  in a difficult time of suffering, persecution and oppression , Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told Radio Vatikan. Lombardi himself traveled to Iraq a few months ago to get an idea of the situation in Iraq which he called a humanitarian drama.

Both parties stressed the good relations between Christians and Ezidis. Moreover, Pope Francis promised to continue his support for the Ezidis.

Pir Dima Pir Bari, board member of the Spiritual Assembly of Ezidis in Georgia as well as Hosheng Broka, philosopher and journalist from Germany were part of the delegation.