Design of the Yezidis´ new temple in Armenia (Artuk Ghulyan)
Design of the Yezidis´ new temple in Armenia (Artuk Ghulyan)

Aknalich – The construction of the new  Yezidi temple in Armenia is a done deal given that the act of laying the foundation stone is supposed to begin next month. “Quba mere diwane”, which is the name of the temple, will be built in Aknalich town and is supposed to get finished in 2017.

The Armenian architect Artak Ghulyan who was commissioned to desgin the project has now released the final design, showing a 25 meter tall temple built on around 350 square metres of space. The temple itself will include a cultural center with its own library, a conference room, a TV station and rooms for theological workshops.

Temple front perspective
From a frontal perspective

Moreover, it consists of seven cupoloas modelled after the seven archangels of the Yezidi religion. The highest one represents Melek Taus, the chief archangel. A large sun, which is sacred to Yezidis is attached to the temple´s entrance. In addition there is a sun symbol on every cupola. And the temple´s engravings are modelled after those at the central Yezidi sanctuary in Lalish.

The Religious Council of the Yezidis approved of the temple´s construction and issued its blessing during the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in April of this year.

It will be the second temple of the Yezidi community in Armenia. There is a smaller pilgrimage site in Aknalich where Yezidis come together at on the occasion of celebrations. Aknalich´s Yezidi pilgrimage site was funded by the Yezidi businessman Mirza Sloyan from Russia who will also provide the resources for the construction of the new temple.

The new temple will be connected to the pilgrimage
The new temple will be connected to the pilgrimage site

Over 40,000 Yezidis live in Armenia according to the census of 2011. By constituting around 1.3 per cent of the population, Yezidis make up Armenia´s largest ethnic minority. In 2012, the Armenian state recognized the Yezidis´ ethno-religious identity.

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