Ezidi refugees on the road to the Bulgarian border
Ezidi refugees on the road to the Bulgarian border

Translated from ÊzîdîPress German by Thora Brudal

Diyarbakir – Thousands of Yezidi refugees in Turkey are on the way to the Bulgarian border since last night. Especially from the refugee camps in Diyarbakir the Yezidis are streaming to buses that will transport them to the border. Hundreds of others in the camps of Batman and Nusaybin were yesterday prevented from it by Turkish security forces. In an article published by activists, the representatives of the refugees explain their motivations.

It states among other things that “a return to the homeland is no longer an option”. Too big is the “extent of the damage by the genocidal campaign against our people” that does not allow any return to the homeland. On August 3, 2014, terrorists of the “Islamic State” massacred about 5,000 Yezidis – many of them in front of their relatives. Up to 7,000 women, children and girls were abducted and enslaved. They are raped every day, several times. The UN Commission on Human Rights speak of a genocide.

“Ten months have passed, and the fate of vast majority of the captives is still unknown.  “IS” looted Yazidi homes and destroyed Yazidi sacred sites. “IS´s” intention from its action targeted total annihilation of the Yazidi people, religion and culture,” it said further.

The “IS” has been trading Yazidi females as slaves in its slavery markets for as cheap as a number of dollars.  Every Yazidi woman in Iraq and Syria is a now a project of slavery and fears her own life, every Yazidi child sleeps with fears of falling into the hands of terrorists to be traded in slavery markets”. How realistic this scenario is, indicates an event from yesterday. More than 40 enslaved Yezidi women were again sold by the terrorist militia IS in Syria.

Ezidi refugee mother and her children in Turkey; they also want to cross the border to Bulgarian
An Ezidi refugee mother and her children in Turkey who also want to cross the border to Bulgaria

The activists demand and therefore call on the European Union to submit the mass migration of the Yezidis from Shingal. People would now try to go to Bulgaria and get admitted there in a legal way.

“Yazidi children deserve safety, education, pursuit of happiness,  freedom, and a life with dignity. Our children are living under extremely harsh conditions, this situation have only worsen with time.” it is said in the statement.

“We hope that the international community will take the sponsorship of rescuing our community from extinction.  Most of our people have lost the hope of returning to thier homeland; especially given the security, political and humanitarian challenges in Sinjar and Nineveh Plain,” it said.

In Turkey, about 30,000 of the more than 400,000 Yezidi refugees have found shelter. And even from Iraq, several thousands of Yezidis flee from the Kurdish region to Turkey each month and try to get from there into the EU. Since the genocide of the terrorist militia IS, every second Yezid is on the run.

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