IS terrorists
IS terrorists

Shingal, Iraq – After the IS terrorists´ advance could be stopped by massive U.S. air strikes, the Iraqi air force and Kurdish ground forces, another IS onslaught on Shingal is imminent. Moreover, the strategically important Mosul dam in northern Iraq could be recaptured, causing the death of many terrorists. It is the first major defeat of IS in Iraq. Another large-scale offensive by IS terrorists is apparently being prepared to take vengeance for these setbacks.

In a telephone conversation with Qasim Shesho, the German commander of the Yezidi Protection Unit, ezidiPress was told that large forces of IS terrorists were heading from Syria to Shingal. To avoid large losses by potential air strikes, the terror squads were branching out into many small units and drawing closer to Shingal. It is feared that they are aiming for surrounding the local Yezidi forces.

For days, commander Qasim Shesho appeals to the Kurdish government that armor-piecing weapons are needed in order to recapture Shingal .So far, only the Kurdish YPG and PKK had provided and supported him and his fighters not only with weapons but also with a contingent of YPG and PKK fighters.

According to Shesho a heavily armed Peshmerga unit has already advanced to them. Mansour Barzani, son of President Masud Barzani, told him by phone that more Peshmerga divisions were on the way to Shingal to strengthen their presence in that region. The much-needed armor-piecing weapons as well as heavy artillery are believed to get to the Yezidi forces soon together with Peshmerga units. Previously, light weapons and ammunition had been delivered.

Shesho was optimistic as he gave a statement about the advancing terrorists: “We will receive them appropriately.”