The Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq has confirmed that the HPS Supreme Commander was arrested by an official order of the government. He will be brought before a court now and charged for `creating an illegitimate militia´. This has been announced by the Kurdish government´s spokesperson a few hours ago during a press conference.

After the around 10,000 Peshmerga troops that were deployed in Shingal fled in early August 2014 when ISIS invaded the region, Ezidis formed a self defense militia whose Supreme Commander Haydar Shesho is. Because the Kurdish government refused to provide any help, the HPS commander Shesho approached the Iraqi government which has been supplying his armed forces with weapons and equipment.

Although the HPS had been juridically registered as part of “al-Shabi Hashd”, the general mobilization of Shiite militias that allowed the Iraqi government to arm Ezidis legally, the command structure remained and Shesho continued to operate independently.

Around 3,000 Ezidi fighters are under Shesho´s command and have mobilized in Shingal for a further escalation.