frontispiece of "Dabiq" magazine
frontispiece of “Dabiq” magazine

Sinjar. What is considered as proven for weeks and months, has now been shamelessly approved by the so called “Islamic State” via their own magazine “Dabiq”: “We enslave, sell and share out the Ezidi women and children between us”, it is stated in the magazine. The terror organization dedicates a whole chapter to the enslavement of the Ezidis. In the Chapter “The Enslavement’s Revival”, the organization relies on several hadiths with that enslavement can be constituted. Among others, also hadiths of al-Bukhārī, one of the main deliverers of the so called Sunna.

The brutal approach is legitimized in the way that in contrast to Christians and Jews, the Ezidis do not have “space for Jizyah payments.” The Jizyah is a tax that non-Muslims who belong to another book religion have to pay when living in spaces where the Sharia is valid. “So it is allowed to enslave the women, contrary to those of the apostates” it goes on to say.

Previously, there has been an opinion of their own “Sharia-Scholars” who stated that Ezidis are considered as “absolute infidels” (Arabic: Mushrikīn). So the enslavement of Ezidis is in accordance with Islamic lawers “legitimate”.

„In accordance with the Sharia the abducted Ezidi women and children have been shared between those IS terrorists that were involved in the Sinjar-operation, just after a fifths of the slaves have been given to the leaders of the Islamic State as Khums [spoils of war]” the IS states on page 15 of the magazine.

In the past few weeks, IS sympathizers disclaimed repeatedly that the Islamic State were not involved in those kinds of machinations and saw this as “propaganda” of the western media.

The human rights organization „Human Rights Watch“ assumed the approach of the IS to be “crimes against humanity”.  A range of women and girls who could escape or be rescued from the captivity described the enslavement, the rape, the abuse and the selling in detail.

Islamic scholars from all over the world condemn the IS’ approach as being un-Islamic. They accuse the terrorists to use a radical, inappropriate and partly wrong interpretation of the Koran-suras. Especially Muslim women were horrified at thought of the IS’ treatment of women, children and girls.

According to a number of estimates, there are still more than 3.000 women, children and girls who are being held hostage by the IS; among them many minors. Abducted men and teenagers have been killed right away or were forced to convert to Islam.