A few minutes ago, the terrorist militia ISIS has begun to launch massive attacks on Ezidi resistance fighters and civilians trapped on Mount Sinjar. The terrorists´ intention is to reach the civilians on the massif and destroy the local pilgrimage site, a fighter has told.

Children who are currently on Mount Sinjar
Children who are currently on Mount Sinjar

The attacks were so intense that air strikes need to be urgently conducted. The fightings are ongoing, intensifying by the minute. The whole mountain complex has been surrounded by the terrorists for two weeks now, relief supplies and ordnance have to be transported to the mountain by air.

Over 7,000 civilians are still staying at Mount Sinjar. Fighters of the Ezidi defense forces are trying to evacuate them and repel the terrorists´ attacks. A military offensive announced by Peshmerga soldiers for the liberation of Sinjar has still not started.

It is believed that political differenes between the Ezidis in Sinjar and the Kurdish government in Erbil are decisive for the Peshmerga´s reluctance after disputes erupted over the future of the region.