Duhok, Kurdistan Region – The Ezidi actvist Kheri Ali Ibrahim was yesterday arrested by Kurdish security  forces of the KRG in northern Iraq after he criticized the local authorities on Facebook. Ibrahim is a member of the “Initiative for Ezidis around the world” which predominantly takes care of refugees.

Khairy Ali Ibrahim
Kheri Ali Ibrahim

The initiative that also includes the Ezidi human rights actvist Nareen Shamo has repeatedly voiced public criticism regarding Kurdish authorities´ approach to dealing with Ezidis and stated that Ibrahim´s arrest was carried out for political reasons.

On 4th of April security forces arrested Ibrahim in the refugee camp Alqadia in Zakho and subsequently took him into custody in Semel. The initiative demands Ibrahim´s immediate release, accusing Kurdish authorities of violating basic human rights. Kurdish authorities have not commented on that issue yet.

Tensions between Ezidis and the Kurdish authorities are noticeably increasing after authorities prohibited demonstrators to wave the flags of Ezidi resistance forces that have been fighting ISIS from the beginning of August 3. Shingal´s Protection Unit HPS took a stand on the flag controversy and called upon Ezidis to insist on their right.