Clashes erupted this evening in Shingal between Yezidi and Muslim Peshmerga fighters. In the south of the region, near Qabusiya, Muslim Kurds trying to smuggle out flocks of sheep of Shingal were stopped by Yezidi fighters under command of Sheikh Kheri in the north of the same-named city. The Sheikh Kheri Unit operates under the Peshmerga ministry. Its fighters also fought as part of the Peshmerga during the offensive for the recapture of Shingal.

A dispute then erupted between Yezidi Peshmerga of the SKU and Muslim Peshmerga fighters who let the Muslim Kurds pass and protected them. One fighter of the SKU was killed together with a truck driver from Dohuk in following clashes, as an EzidiPress correspondent has told. Four more fighters of the SKU were partially seriously wounded. The SKU has announced to mobilize for further clashes. Yezidi commanders are currently trying to calm the situation. The Muslim Peshmerga are said to be part of the Zerevani Peshmerga who are under the control of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The situation already threatened to escalate in the last few days as Yezidis accused the Peshmerga of covering Muslim Kurds who collaborated with the Islamic State in Shingal.