In the east of the Shingal mountains new clashes erupted between resistance forces and the terrorist militia Islamic State. By the morning, IS terrorists launched an attack on positions of the Peshmerga and Ezidi resistance fighters in Hardan, located a few kilometres east of the mountains.

The attacks were finally repelled after hours. Coalition warplanes destroyed at least two positions and an IS vehicle. Clashes frequently erupt in Hardan where the fight against the IS has been stagnating for months. A command for the recapture of the region has not been issued yet, Peshmerga officers have repeatedly stated.

On July 12, 2015 IS terrorists launched an attack on Gabar and destroyed the local Ezidi shrine
On July 12, 2015 IS terrorists launched an attack on Gabar village and destroyed the local Ezidi shrine

In recent days, the terrorist militia has intensified its attacks and destroyed a sacred site of the Ezidis in the west of Shingal. Political differences between rival Kurdish parties cumber the fight against IS terrorists and prolong the region´s liberation. The political saber-rattling between Ezidi party members also hinders a solution to the worsening conflict.

Almost one year later, the south and greater part of Shingal remains under ISIS control. On August 3, 2014 ISIS terrorists overran the Ezidis´ major settlement area, conducting a genocide. Several thousand women, children and girls were abducted and enslaved. Over 5,000 Ezidis, most of whom were men were killed, according to the UN. More than 400,000 Ezidis and thus every second Ezidi worldwide had to flee from the IS.