Fighters of Shingal´s Protection (HPS) during the recapture of the highway in Shingal
Fighters of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) during the recapture of the highway in Shingal


Our correspondents confirm that Kurdish and Yezidi combat units have recaptured Shingal city that has been fiercely disputed for months. However, clashes are continuing in the outskirts. In the city itself, resistance units managed to arrest several IS terrorists and kill an unknown number of them. IS flags were pulled down by resistance fighters.

Units of the PKK, the Yezidi Shingal alliance (YBS, YJE, HPS) and the Peshmerga pushed towards the city center today and captured street by street. Other offensives are currently taking place in the east towards Tel Qaseb and the south of the city. The areas still occupied in the south are supposed to be liberated in the coming days. The city, however, has to be cleared of booby traps and mines by explosive experts.