Liberated village of Bara (14th Nov 2014)

The clashes over the village of Bara on the western mountain slope in Sinjar intensified today as resistance forces have been attacking positions of the terrorist militia ISIS for the past two days. This morning, several units of the YPG managed to storm Bara together with fighters of the resistance units YBS and HPS.

After hours of clashes and suffering heavy losses, the terrorists finally withdrew. At least 20 terrorists are said to have been killed alone in Bara, a resistance fighter has told ezidiPress. Bara had been overrun and captured by ISIS terrorists on October 21. An important communication road there leads to Khanasor in the north. Clashes also erupted along that road.

A resistance fighter and his daughter on Mount Sinjar
A resistance fighter and his daughter on Mount Sinjar

Further clashes took place near Sinune but not in the immediate vicinity, as it was initially reported. According to resistance fighters of the HPS, several terrorists were killed during the course of fightings. First reports spoke of at least six killed ISIS terrorists. The terrorists were forced to retreat to the north. Resistance fighters seized the weapons which were left behind.

In Shlo, where both an important communication road and  junction lie, clashes erupted between ISIS terrorists and Sinjar´s Protection Force HPS. Several small suburbs were liberated in the north of Shlo.  Fleeing ISIS terrorists left behind armed vehicles, Dushkas as well as a greater amount of machine guns and small-caliber weapons plus ammunition. Around ten ISIS terrorists were killed. For the first time in weeks the resistance units in Sinjar are thus on the front foot. The fightings are ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Air Force airdropped more relief supplies to the  civilians persevering in the mountains. According to a resistance fighter, six packets in excess of nine tons were dropped in the west of the mountains.