YPG and HPG fighters at the Ezidi pilgrimage of Sherfedin Shingal
YPG and HPG fighters at the Ezidi pilgrimage site of Sherfedin in Sinjar

Dugure, Iraq – According to an ezidiPress correspondent situated on-site, the Kurdish People´s Protection Unit YPG rescued 15 Yezidi girls from the clutches of ISIS. The terrorists wanted to transport a group of 17 girls across the Syrian national border as YPG units noticed them close to the community of Dugure in Sinjar. Dugure is about 12 kilometres north of the Sinjar mountain and east of the small town Khanasor.

In the following fights, two facilitators as well as two Ezidi girls got shot in the hail of bullets. 15 other girls were rescued by the YPG. While the girls were brought into safety, the fights continued for a while.

Mostly young Ezidi girls are brought to Syria to be sold on markets. More than 300 girls and women were already sold on markets in territories controlled by the Islamic State.



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