U.S. air strikes targeting ISIS

With reference to Kurdish Peshmerga soliders the news agency BasNews reported that around 80 Ezidi girls who were held captive by ISIS terrorists were able to extricate themselves from their captivity as heavy U.S. air strikes targeted terrorist positions.

The article published by BasNews says that several localities where ISIS terrorists took up position and maintained prisons have been bombed by both the U.S. and Peshmerga units in the immediate vicinity of Sinjar. An eyewitness reported that many ISIS terrorists were killed in the course of the bombardements, forcing the terrorist groups to flee and give up their positions, including localities in Sinjar.
Around 80 Ezidi women from the village of Hamza who were held captive by ISIS terrorists could grab the chance and escape from their captivity.

This morning, YPG fighters also managed to rescue 15 Ezidi girls that ISIS wanted to sell as slaves in Syria.