Ten Ezidis have managed to escape from the captivity of the “Islamic State” again. The family of Khalaf D. which was kidnapped by ISIS from Duhola town in August last year, escaped while fierce clashes erupted between ISIS terrorists and resistance units near Hardan and Tal Afar. Six children, two women as well as two men were reportedly among them.

Khalaf had previously helped dozens of other Ezidis to escape from ISIS. Yesterday evening, he and his family then managed to escape too, reaching first resistance fighters in the morning.

More and more prisoners are able to take the opportunity and flee due to the ongoing and intensified clashes in Shingal region and Tal Afar.

In August 2014 ISIS kidnapped up to 7,000 Ezidis, most of whom are women and children who are still in ISIS captivity for the most part. In captivity, the women, girls and even children are subjected to systematic rapes, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights stated in a report, accusing ISIS of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.