A special unit of the Kurdistan Workers´ Party (PKK) has liberated a group of Yezidis who had been surrounded by ISIS terrorists north of the pilgrimage site of Sharfadeen. During the rescue operation, PKK fighters repelled several ISIS attacks, holding them back until the civilians were brought to safety.

PKK fighters in Sinjar
PKK fighters in Sinjar

The group was on the way to the Sharfadeen sanctuary north of Sinjar, running into an ambush of ISIS terrorists. A PKK unit which had been deployed not far from the scene heard about the incidence and went immediately to the rescue before ISIS terrorists were able to carry out a massacre.

The civilians were brought to safety, clashes with ISIS terrorists lasted for a short time, leaving several ISIS terrorists wounded, according to PKK sources.

In another attack carried out on Friday by ISIS terrorists on the Yezidi village of Bane, PKK fighters killed five terrorists,  wounded another five and destroyed their military equipment. The village located north of Sinjar where clashes lasted until yesterday is currently under PKK control.

One high-ranking ISIS leader was among those killed, according to ANF journalist Dilser Ernosto.