GunmenIraqiErbil (Kurdistan) – In order to free at least some of the thousands of abducted Ezidi women and girls from the captivity of the Islamic State (IS), the Ezidis are now willing to use all available means. More and more often now, Ezidi merchants and businessmen hire paid professional rescue squads to free the women from known locations near Mosul.

This is how several dozens of women could be freed from their captivity. Six days ago, six armed Arab men attacked a building near Alkaram in Mosul in which about ten  Ezidi women were held captive by IS terrorists. According to witnesses, two IS guards were killed and a yet unspecified number of women was freed during this attack. Afterwards, the rescue squad took the women to Duhok. This is the report of an ezidiPress journalist, currently staying in Duhok, who has talked to Ezidis in refugee camps. The rescue squad is being paid a high four-digit sum euros for their operation.

Most of the time, these rescue commands consist of Shiites who, despite their Muslim identity, are being persecuted by Sunni IS terrorists as apostates. However, even Sunni Arabs, who do not sympathize with IS are supposedly active in mentioned squads.

On August 3 terrorists of the Islamic State group attacked the main settlement area of the Ezidis, Shingal in Northern Iraq and abducted thousands of women and girls. These women and girls are either forced into marriages with IS members, abused and brutally raped as sex slaves or sold to third persons on slave markets in Iraq and Syria.

êzîdîPress, 21 September 2014