Haydar Shesho (on the right), commander of the Ezidi defense unit in Shingal

Shingal, Iraq – Over 2000 Yezidi recruits have been trained militarily in the past few days to join the armed forces fighting against IS terrorists, internal Yezidi and state sources of the Kurdistan Regional Government told us a few days ago.

The recruits are mainly refugees who had to flee to Dohuk after the IS terrorists´ onslaught on Shingal. The predominant young men who have been trained and armed in training camps of the Kurdish YPG will join YPU and YBS forces in their fight against IS. In the meantime, Peshmerga units are believed to advance to Shingal together with hevy weaponry to recapture territory occupied by terrorists.

About 5000 Yezidis are currently fighting for the liberation of Shingal.