The comitee´s logo
The comitee´s logo

Tel Aviv, Israel – Jewish human rights activists have initiated the Commitee for the Help of the Ezidis in the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv. Yesterday, the commission held its first press conference. The well-known Ezidi policy adviser Dr. Mirza Dinnayi as well as the Ezidi activist Elias Kaseem were invited by the Israeli commitee to address an audience.

In his speech, Dr. Mirza Dinnya stressed the necessity of  humaniatrian help, Elias Kassem pointed out to the history of suffering of both the Jewish and Ezidi people, stating that both peoples shared the same fate for centuries.

The cofounder of the commitee Uriel Levy told ezidiPress that such as Ezidis, Jews had been discriminated for a long time too, wherefore Jews were ready to help Ezidis due to their common history. The commitee which was founded at the end of last month seeks to approach politcians as well as international companies locatated in Israel.
Levy also stated that the organization´s partners from all over the world had been already contacted to provide humanitarian assistance.

The Comitee for the Help of the Ezidis is a non governmental organization run by Israeli private persons.