Ezidi girl, who escaped from ISIS captivity
Ezidi girl who escaped from ISIS captivity

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the terrorist organization ISIS relocated at least 40 Ezidi women held captive as sex slaves to al-Mayadin town in the northeast of Syria where they were supposedly brought to a residential building controlled by members of the al-Shaitat tribe that is loyal to ISIS.

The relocation was apparently caused by air strikes conducted by the Assad regime and armed clashes. Several hundreds of Ezidi women, abducted by ISIS from Shingal region in northern Iraq in August 2014, are being held captive in Syria. Ezidi actvists assume that 1,500 enslaved women and girls are located there by now.

The women and girls captured as “spoils of war” are offered for sale in the open streets of Deir ez-Zor. In Raqqa, which is a stronghold of the terrorist organization, hundreds of women and girls are being held captive.

A total number of 7,000 Ezidi women, children and girls were abducted. The women are forced into sex slavery and are subjected to systematic rape which the UN have recently confirmed in a detailed report. Even underage girls at the age of nine are not spared from sexual assault by the terrorists. After ISIS commanders have taken their share, the women are then being sold at slave markets in Mosul, Raqqa, Tal Afar and Deir ez-Zor to persons inclined to buy them. The women are in captivity for over ten months now.

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