Ezidi fighters in front of a Humvee seized from ISIS terrorists
Ezidi fighters in front of a Humvee seized from ISIS terrorists

Sinjar (Iraq) – Ezidi fighters killed seven Islamic State (IS) terrorists and destroyed three of their vehicles in a battle near Sinjar mountain. The fights erupted yesterday close to Bab Shlo just after attacks launched by the IS terrorists against an Ezidi defense unit base. The fighters referred to this attack as “insidious”. Nonetheless, the terrorists could be ward off. Two Ezidi strikers suffered from minor injuries.

Bab Shlo is a mountain valley of the Sinjar mountain range. Ezidi strikers had already destroyed two vehicles through an attack on a terrorists’ convoy the day before. All passengers were killed. However, the region on Sinjar is still predominantly occupied by the IS. The defense units still lack major weapons to fight against the military well-equipped opponents

Air strikes of the US Airforce attacked and destroyed several IS basis in the past few days. The US Department of Defense announced to continue and extend their attacks.

While the IS advance in Iraq could mostly be stopped and forced back, the terrorists threaten with a major offensive in the canton Kobane in Rojava in northern Syria. They are attacking this region, protected by the YPG, from several angles. Massive accusations are made by Kurdish forces against the Turkish government for supporting the IS rise logistically.