In Shingal, where a large part of the region is still under ISIS control, clashes between resistance units and ISIS terrorists have been intensifying in recent days, resulting in the killing of dozens of ISIS elements.

HPS fighters on Mount Shingal
HPS fighters on Mount Shingal

Fighters of Shingal´s Protection Force (HPS) killed yesterday six ISIS terrorists near Sikeniye town located in the southwest of Shingal mountains, seizing the ISIS fighters´ weapons and communication devices. A HPS unit under the command of Sheikh Kheri lured them into a trap and killed them.

In the same period of time, PKK, YPG and YBS units repelled several ISIS attacks in the fiercely embattled city of Shingal where they have been engaging in a fierce urban war with ISIS in the north of the city for months, managing to recapture strategically important locations. Over 20 ISIS terrorists are said to have been killed there.

Near Tal Afar, fierce clashes erupted between Peshmerga forces and ISIS terrorists who had launched an attack on Peshmerga positions. The offensive was eventually repelled after hours of clashes with the help of coalition airstrikes, leaving a number of dead terrorists behind. Moreover, 30 to 40 ISIS prisoners allegedly escaped this morning from Tal Afar according to an unconfirmed report.  The prisoners are said to be in the charge of the Peshmerga in a military facility in Kazik, located a few kilometres northeast of Tal Afar.

While areas north of Shingal mountains have been almost completely liberated, the south of Shingal, which constitutes circa 60 % of the region remains under the terrorist militia´s control. Hundreds of kidnapped Ezidi women and further mass graves are believed to be located there.